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Travelling when breastfeeding


It is not advisable to get the Yellow Fever vaccination if you are breastfeeding, unless travel to a yellow-fever endemic area absolutely cannot be avoided or postponed.

Data concerning the safety of some other vaccines during breastfeeding is not available, therefore the decision regarding vaccination will be made based on risk of the disease in the area you intend to visit, and the risk of untoward effects in the breastfed infant.

Preventing Malaria

Taking regular medications during your trip abroad and for a while after you return is an important part of preventing Malaria.

Some Malaria medications are safe to take when you are breastfeeding, while others should be avoided.  We can guide you to the medication best suited to your travel itinerary when you attend for assessment.


Many parents find that breastfeeding helps to make the travelling experience much easier for the entire family. It is also very convenient and safer than bottle feeding in a country where the water supply is questionable. 

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