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RCSI Students

All undergraduate students of RCSI (including GEP students) are entitled to free consultations at Mercer's Medical Centre provided they hold a valid current student ID and student number.  Consultation fees for visits which take place at Mercer's are covered by RCSI; however students are responsible for charges incurred for out of hours services, house calls and prescribed medication charges. 
Please bring your ID along to every appointment at the medical centre.  

Students who hold an up to date medical card with another GP should bring their medical cards and we can complete a 'change of doctor' form allowing them to register with the practice.  

If you are a student from the United Kingdom or Northern Ireland please bring your National Insurance number (not medical card number).  You will be entitled to free consultations and free prescriptions with this number. Students from other countries in the European Union should present their valid European Health Insurance Card each time they attend.

It is important to note that while we are affiliated with RCSI, the college does not have access to any part of the clinical notes of any student.  We would like to stress that confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us.  No notes will be released from Mercer's Medical Centre without the consent of the patient. 

RCSI Student Vaccination/Screening Programme 

Health Screening and Vaccination Programme 

This Programme is designed to protect you, and the patients with whom you come into contact, against preventable illness. 

It is essential that you read the RCSI document on the vaccination programme found here.  This explains the process in detail and provides lots of important information that you will need. 

If this is your first year to register with RCSI you will be asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire at your first Student Vaccination Appointment.  This will enable us to look after your vaccination needs in an efficient manner. Please ensure that you have your passport/photographic ID and copies of your previous immunisation history. 

Cervical Cancer Vaccine

We provide HPV vaccination (Gardasil) for all female medical students who are interested in having this vaccine.  You will need a prescription in order to purchase this from a pharmacy,  and then attend us for administration of the vaccine. Three vaccines are required to complete the vaccination course. If you are considering vaccination you are encouraged to make an appointment with one of our nurses to discuss vaccination further.  

For more information on vaccination against cervical cancer click here

Training at Mercer's Medical Centre

As part of our commitment to undergraduate training, RCSI medical students will occasionally sit in with our doctors and nurses as observers.  We would ask that, at these times, other RCSI medical student patients see another doctor or reschedule with the doctor of their choice in order to maintain confidentiality.

Student Counselling Service

A confidential counselling service is available through RCSI. 
For information on this service visit Here

Postgraduates at RCSI

Postgraduate students of RCSI including post docs and students of the MPharm programme are entitled to consult at Mercer's Medical Centre at a reduced rate. 

Useful links for students

For useful information on common student health problems, from acne to exam stress, take a look at the following useful site or visit our links page for a more comprehensive list of websites.

Take a look at the Student Living and Learning links on Moodle here

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