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Women's Health

Full range of services for women

Contraception and Family Planning

All of our doctors and nurses hold Family Planning Certificates and are well equipped to counsel on and prescribe the full range of contraception available.

Dr Judith Kavanagh and Dr Una O’Neill advise on the Implanon contraceptive device, Mirena Intra-Uterine Contraceptive System, and Copper Intra-Uterine Device.

For more information on methods of contraception click on: www.thinkcontraception.ie


Ante-Natal Care

Combined Ante-Natal Care

The combined antenatal care programme allows you to be under joint care of your GP and obstetrician during pregnancy.  This is internationally recognised as the best and most convenient form of ante-natal care. 

Visits to Mercer’s that are related to the pregnancy are free of charge once the HSE application form is completed in the surgery.  Ideally you should visit one of our doctors as soon as you discover you are pregnant.  We will then refer you to your local maternity hospital where you will be seen before 20 weeks for assessment, blood tests and a scan.  Subsequently your visits will alternate between the hospital and GP and become more frequent as your pregnancy progresses.

Combined ante-natal care also includes visits to your GP at 6 weeks after the baby is born.

Other Ante-Natal Options

We also facilitate those patients who choose semi-private or private ante-natal care by arranging appropriate referral. 


Cervical Screening

Smear Tests

Cervical Check National Cervical Screening Programme:

Cervical Cancer Vaccine

We provide HPV vaccination (Gardasil).  If you are interested, please make an appointment with one of our doctors to discuss vaccination further.  

The charge to receive this vaccination here is as follows:

Initial doctor's visit: €65
Nurses's visits: €35 each (3 visits)

A prescription will be provided at the doctor's visit, and you will need to source this from a pharmacy in advance of the nurse's visit. 

For more information on vaccination against cervical cancer click here.


Crisis Pregnancy

If you have discovered you are pregnant and did not plan to be this can be very distressing.  Our doctors and nurses offer confidential and supportive advice on all options that are available to you in your pregnancy.  Please telephone our reception to make an appointment.

For further information on unplanned pregnancy visit www.myoptions.ie


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