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There have been a small number of Meningitis B cases in Ireland in winter 2022. However, to date, there has been no classification of a meningococcal disease outbreak so the National Immunisation Advisory Committee have not made any new recommendations for vaccination. 

The MenB vaccine was introduced in to the Irish childhood immunisation schedule in 2016, and since March 2020 the MenB vaccine is still offered free up to a child‘s second birthday only, as this is the age group with the highest risk for meningococcal B disease. 

When there is a confirmed case of meningococcal infection, the local Department of Public Health establishes who are the close contacts at risk of infection, provides them with prophylactic antibiotics against infection, and arranges for their vaccination.

For anyone who is not a close contact and wishes to source meningococcal vaccines we can only give NIAC advice and follow the policy as outlined above. The MenB vaccine would have to be sourced privately. 

MenACWY vaccination is offered in the 1st year of secondary school in Ireland since 2019. RCSI students are screened as part of the Student Vaccination Programme to see if they have had immunisation against Meningitis C . If not, and they are under 23 years of age, they are offered MenC vaccination, which is provided free of charge. If over 23 years old , they are advised to get MenACWY vaccination as a single shot. There is a charge of €60 for the MenACWY vaccine. 


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