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Our Fees


We would request that medical fees be settled in full following each consultation. An up to date price list for all services is displayed in our entrance foyer. We accept cash, cheques, Laser and credit card payments. A receipt is provided at the time of payment.



  • Doctor consultation: €60
  • NEW private and EU patients will be asked for their credit/debit card details to hold the appointment. If the appointment is missed without notice, your card will be charged €30. 
  • Nurse consultation: €30
  • RCSI Staff / Postgraduates: €45


  • Blood tests: €30
  • ECG: €30
  • Blood pressure monitor fitting + GP follow-up visit: €120
  • Audiometry: €55
  • Spirometry: €30
  • STI Check: €120 or €60 for medical card holders


Cervical Smear: 

  • Women aged 25-60 are eligible for a free smear as part of CervicalCheck, the National Cervical Screening Programme.  See here for more details


  • Initial assessment: €60
  • Insertion: €120
  • Removal: €120
  • Removal and insertion: €160

IUD (Mirena/Jaydess/Kyleena/Copper Coil):

  • Initial assessment: €60
  • Insertion: €175
  • Removal: €120
  • Removal and insertion (including follow up): €225
  • Copper coil device only:  €40
  • All other IUDs to be purchased from pharmacy (script will be provided at initial consultation).


  • Cryotherapy for warts and verrucas: €30
  • Ear Syringe: €40
  • Nebulisation: €30
  • Minor operation: €120
  • (May be covered by private health insurance)                    
  • DRESSINGS: €35 per attendance


  • Administration of injection e.g. Flu / Tetanus / Hepatitis / Depo-Provera:  €30

(There is a separate additional charge if the clinic provides the injection medication)

  • Cervical cancer (HPV) vaccine: Initial doctor's visit €60; 3x vaccines @ €150 each; 3x nurse's vists @ €30 each


  • Doctor + nurse consultation, including questionnaire examination and tests: €180
  • Please note that as this is a long consultation, you will be asked for your credit/laser card details to hold the appointment; if you do not attend and have not given us at least 12 hours' notice of cancellation, your card will be charged €45.


  • Repeat prescription & Medical Certificate Requests (without consultation): €10

Please keep all of your receipts as there is a charge for reissuing receipts. 

Flu vaccination 2013/2014

For information on our fees for the flu vaccination click here