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Testing and Results

In the event of a positive test, please see this page, and you must undertake to cooperate fully with the medical advice given. College and/or Public Health will then need to trace and contact all your close contacts such as classmates, lecturers, flatmates, etc. For this reason you should make a list of your close contacts starting from 48 hours before your symptoms began.

While awaiting your result: 

You should assume that the test might be positive until you receive a text message with the result. This means that you should isolate, and, if sharing accommodation, that your flatmates should be made aware of the situation. Here are two links to relevant information for those scenarios:

How the swab result will affect you:*

RCSI Student Tested for COVID

 *The Covid negative pathway above refers to people who are NOT FULLY VACCINATED. 

Restrict your movements and self-isolate - see this link

There are a few things you should note:

Ongoing Support

If your symptoms worsen, please contact Mercer’s on 01 4022300 or, if the Practice is closed, DubDoc Out of Hours service (01 4545607), so a doctor can further evaluate your status.

Mercer’s will also inform the College of any positive results to allow for contact tracing, and also to arrange for you to receive a regular telephone call from our nurse-led support team to check how you are doing and give you as much support as possible, including coordinating your reintegration back into College. 

Mercer's will notify Public Health of your diagnosis, as Covid is a notifiable disease. This means that you will also be contacted by Public Health to check on your wellbeing and for contact tracing purposes. 

The fact that you have tested positive for Covid is relevant to other people and this information will be shared with Public Health and the Occupational Health and Infection Control department of your hospital, if you are on a clinical attachment. Any of these may contact you to clarify possible close contacts (staff and patients) and it is important that they receive your full cooperation. 

It can sometimes be an anxious time waiting for results, particularly if you are unwell. However, there is a lot of support available, including the Student Welfare Officers and Mercer’s. There is also a very good psychological and counselling service available to you (details here). All of these services are free.

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