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The list of sites here contain good advice about looking after your mental health:

Mood Juice

Mental Health Ireland

Your Mental Health



Jigsaw - Young person's mental health

Other useful sites include:

Aware (Depression) 
Alcoholics Anonymous 

For a self directed CBT type on-line programme: Mood gym 

For symptoms of anxiety:

Eating disorders:

Brain Injury:

A website that will help you to see if how your thinknig and feeling needs professional help: sanity score
To find a counsellor or psychotherapist -

National Suicide Prevention Helpline -


A list of high quality self-help books has been compiled, based on the recommendations of mental health professionals working in Ireland. These books are stocked in public librarys and in good book shops as part of the 'Power of words' scheme launched in 2009. Below is a list of books related to mental health


'Overcoming anxiety' by Helen Kennerly. Constable & Robinson 2004.

'How to stop worrying' by Frank Tallis.  Sheldon Press 1990.

'Overcoming social anxiety & shyness' Gillian Butler. Constable & Robinson 2000.

Anger: 'Overcoming anger and irritability' by Will Davies. Constable & Robinson 2000.

Bereavement: 'The courage to grieve' by Judy Tatelbaum.  HarperPerennial 1980.

Child Sexual Abuse: 'Breaking Free: Help for survivors of child sexual abuse' by Carolan Ainscough & Kay Toon.  Sheldon Press 2000.

Depression: 'Depression: The common sense approach' by Tony Bates.  Newleaf 1999.

Post-Natal Depression: 'coping with post natal depression: Light at the end of the Tunnel' Mary Pigot.  Columba Press 1996.

Obsessions and compulsions: 'Overcoming obsessive compulsive disorder' by David Veale & Rob Wilson.  Constable & Robinson 2005.

Panic: 'When panic attacks' by Aine Tubridy.  Newleaf 2003

Practical psychotherapy: 'Change for the better. Self-help through practical psychotherapy by Elizabeth Wilde Mc Cormick.  Continuum 2002

Self-esteem: 'Overcoming low self-esteem' by Melanie Fennell.  Constable & Robinson 2004.

Stress: 'The relaxation & stress reduction workbook' by Martha Davis, Elisabeth Robbins Eshelman & Matthew Mc Kay.  New Harbinger 2000.

Traumatic Stress: 'Overcoming traumatic stress' Claudia Herbert & Ann Wetmore. Constable & Robinson 2002.