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Choose your destinations

Hold down the ctrl key to choose more than one country (cmd on a Mac) You can use the box opposite to make a list of your travel destinations and get an overview of vaccinations needed for each of the countries you intend to visit during your trip. Please note that this is for information purposes only and what you require may be different depending on your vaccination/medical history, and any up to date information we receive about the country/ies you are visiting. A full, personalised and up-to-date health briefing will be given to you at your attendance at our nurse-led clinic.

Then submit our Booking Form and a member of staff will be in touch with you within one working day to arrange an appointment. 

Please note that as this is a long consultation, you will be asked for your credit/laser card details to hold the appointment; if you do not attend and have not given us at least 12 hours' notice of cancellation, your card will be charged 45.

Please note that some vaccinations are administered as a course which can take some time to complete. Although we will do our best to accommodate you, please ensure that you allow plenty of time before travelling to receive your vaccinations.

Visit these links for information:

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Practical regional travel advice

Visit the sites below for up-to-date travel advice specific to individual countries including health information as well as visa requirements, safety and security while abroad, local travel information and more.

Centres for disease control and Prevention>>

Irish Department of Foreign Affairs>>

British Foreign Office>>

Your essential travel checklist

Use this Travel Checklist before you go to help ensure you stay healthy and safe abroad.
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